Sitting down Is Now an Integral Part of Today’s Culture, Along with Back and Neck Pains

Back and neck pains are illnesses that were usually associated with the middle aged and older people, but not anymore. Too much time spent in front of computers, which requires a lot of sitting down, has become common even among the young people. We can even say that the number of victims has reached an epidemic proportion.

The rate of people suffering from these painful experiences has continued to increase throughout the years. Let’s read what the experts have to say.

Sitting down for too long is believed to be the cause of back and neck problems of the young today. In a recent assessment carried out by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), about 45 percent of 16 to 24-year-olds are already suffering from back and neck problems as compared to 28percent of 18 to 24-year-olds of last year’s survey.

Their study also revealed that 86 percent of the 2,000 respondents affirmed that they are enduring back and neck pain as against last year’s 77 percent.

In his competent evaluation, Tim Hutchful, a chiropractor, believed that the rise in the number of individuals putting up with back and neck-related pain is caused by the modern lifestyle which compels a number of people to remain seated for a longer period of time, oblivious to the fact that staying in the same position can result to unwarranted tension on the back.

According to Hutchful, sitting causes up to twice as much pressure on the discs of the spine as standing so it is really important to take regular breaks to relieve the build-up of tension in the lower back. He also added that the back is always hard to work so ensuring that you move and stretch regularly will help to keep your back on track.



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