Freezing Ova for Future Pregnancy Has Below 12% Success Rate

Women may decide on keeping their eggs in freezers for future use and not totally knowing of the possibilities that it might actually not come out as expected. Researchers say that freezing the eggs for such purpose may not be a hundred percent successful.

According to Angel Petropanagos of Dalhousie University , primary-care physicians should properly inform women who are determined to freeze their eggs that there are medical risks to consider and high financial costs to think about before committing to it.

The process involves hormonal stimulation of the ovaries to take out the eggs, then are brought to a freezing point before they are stored. The stimulation cycle can already cost $ 5,000 while the storage fee would cost around $300 and $500, which may vary according to the clinics.

According to Petropanagos , based from the  U.S. statistics , the IVF pregnancy rate resulted from frozen and thawed eggs is 4.5 % to 12 % on women who had their eggs frozen before the age of 30 yet there is a much lower rates on successful pregnancy and birth on older women.

Women who are treated with cancer are most likely to use the process to preserve fertility. Women who also are not certain as to when they would find an appropriate partner would likely choose to undergo the same procedure.

“It’s really getting marketed like it’s a backup plan, it’s insurance,” stated

Petropanagos further said that “The problem is that the success rate isn’t really that great. It’s not guaranteed, so you can spend all this time, energy and money investing in egg freezing and think you’re covered and when it comes down to it 10 years down the line, the IVF won’t result in a live birth.

“Some women might understand that, that it’s still a gamble. But depending on how this is marketed, some women might see this as a guarantee when it’s really not.”

She also said that using IVF for future pregnancy may yet involve other risks such as multiple births , premature delivery and babies with low birth weight .




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