Marijuana extract: A Child’s Odyssey Towards an Epilepsy-free Life

Hank Kovach had  to endure seizures from a severe epilepsy for more than 25 times per day since he  was only one , his mother had said .  His epilepsy didn’t  respond well with the medications.

“One time, I thought he was playing in the other room,” she stated in the CBS News. “He was not playing in the other room, he was convulsing, turning blue. And that’s when I thought I lost him.”

When she heard of the medical marijuana last summer which instantly brought her hope for a cure, She then went to register her son to a trial that was intended to test if medical marijuana may actually help .

Hank had to be injected with the marijuana extract called Epidiolex two times a day . The medicine does not have THC that makes one experience euphoria , anxiety and paranoia. Kovach shared that the result came with a huge difference in her son.

“We instantly saw results,” she said. “He was smiling again. We saw a decrease in seizures. At this point, he was finally able to gain cognitive skills with therapy.”

Young adults and children around 11 that reached to a hundred and thirty-seven of them were given the medication .

“They had better sleep, better attention, better cognitive concentration, better behavior. Some of the kids clearly became more verbal, better coordination,” stated one of the researchers , Dr. Linda Laux of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

“I had one child who started walking while they were using the medication.”

Hank is now seven , he still doesn’t speak,  yet is already attending school without having to experience seizures for months .

“My hope is for him to be seizure free, be happy,” Kovach said. “My goal is to hear his voice, to hear him talk. We just want him to be happy.”


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