A One Dish Robot Today, a Full Chef a Couple of Years From Now

The first automated kitchen robot designed by Moley Robotics in the UK was introduced last week during the Hanover Messe industrial robotics show which was held at a warehouse in London.

The makers had explained that the first kitchen robot is at present only able to make one dish which is the crab brique . It is only able to do its work if the ingredients are all in and  utensils should also be arranged accordingly to its use.

Moley further said that their main objective is to create a certain consumer –ready kitchen robot in two years time. The price would be around $14,600 or 10,000 pounds. The makers expect to come up with a design similar to aniTune style with library of recipes so that the users can easily download a recipe while the kitchen robot would prepare it for them .

Meanwhile, at the show , the robot that they used for their demonstration was equipped with two robotic hands directed to the utensils , ingredients , a sink and oven and a stove top . As soon as it was ready, the start button was pressed and the robot started its job. The cooking took 30 minutes  and a crab brique was done .

The kitchen robot actually was programmed to cook exactly the way that Tim Anderson did . He won the popular MasterChef show competition in 2011 . Anderson’s actual procedure in cooking the crab brique was recorded and then was added to the database which is used to operate the robot. The database is then carried out into a PC controlled  Robotic Operating System (ROS) .

Therefore the work comes from a memory that is being executed by the robot which is exactlly the same way as Anderson would do it. Yet if anything is not on its place , the robot will not continue its work.


The robot’s crab brique actually came out just the way it should taste and was considered a real chef’s cooking.





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