Your Diet Today will Determine Your Health Later in Life

Anything we do in order to slow down weight gain can help us in the long run. 

One of the factors for building-up a better health is the acquisition of habits. Adjusting your diet and fitness routines can certainly have a big impact on your health.

A new study of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University, states that seemingly lesser protein and carbohydrate intake could affect long-term weight maintenance. It took over 16 years of follow-up among 120,000 men and women in the US to make a concrete data or  evidence of the study.

The research team monitored changes in types of proteins consumed in relation to participants’ weight changes every four years.

Diets with a high glycemic load (GL), which is found in refined grains, starches and sugars, lead to long-term weight gain, according to the researchers.

Increased intake of red meat and processed meat was most strongly associated with weight gain.

While consuming more yoghurt, seafood, skinless chicken and nuts was most strongly associated with weight loss.

Dr. Jessica Smith of Friedman noted that consuming more dairy products such as full-fat cheese, whole milk and low-fat milk did not seem to be important for weight gain. Undeniably, the consumption of more low-fat dairy foods, can actually increase carbs intake, which may lead to weight gain.

People who increased consumption of fish, nuts and other weight-loss promoting foods, reducing GL by eating less low quality carbs enhanced the weight loss effect.

The consumption of eggs and cheese were not tied with weight change except when participants increased their intake of low quality carbs.

While, decreasing the GL of one’s diet was associated with weight loss when participants ate more eggs and cheese.

To have the full benefits of protein-rich foods such as fish, yoghurt and nuts, according to the researchers, it’s essential to avoid refined grains, starches and sugars.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Remember that small changes could make a big difference.



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    Really glad to hear that people who increased consumption of fish, nuts and other weight-loss promoting foods enhanced the weight loss effect. Have been following a diet called paleo dieting, which promotes natural foods like these.

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