Medical Miracle: A 20 year old pregnant mom who gave birth while in a coma is waking up

A 5 month pregnant Sharista Giles was featured in a car accident which placed her in a coma.  While in a comatose state weeks later, she gavebirth to a less than 2 pound child.  Though the baby was undersized, she was thriving.

And the best part is, just lately,  the 20-year-old mom awoke from her unconscious state and for the first time sees her baby.

Sharista is seeing signs of responsiveness and she is able to blink her eyes and squeeze people’s hands when asked, promising signs according to her doctor.  Ever since the doctors gave  Sharista a one in ten odds of recovery, her family has been hopeful and elated.

Sharista also finally met her “Baby L”, when members of her family showed her a photo of her baby boy.

While this story inspires a lot of people, it had me wondering if the idea of giving birth when you are “totally out” is a conceivable option or not.   Imagine being unaware of the excruciating pain, mothers go thru to expel a child from their womb.  It must be quite a relief, not to feel any pain at all.

But the downsize is that you won’t be able to hear your child’s first cry, as he is sucked outside your body.  You won’t be able to feel the first brush of the fine bristles of his hair as he nuzzles your neck.  So yeah, missing such a monumental moment probably sucks.

We hope Sharista will be able to meet her infant son very soon and be able to hold him and hug him in her arms.  Her medical expenses are piling high, if you want to help her and her family, a gofundme page was set up  to help out with her medical cost.



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