Quadriplegic  21-year-old son, abandoned by own mother in the woods to die

A quadriplegic, 21-year-old man was found in the woods covered in a blanket on Friday night, according to Philadelphia Police who are investigating the case.

Officials  are saying,  the man might have been left on the park ground for five days, while his 41-year-old mother, Nyia Parler, went visiting her boyfriend here in Maryland. The Associated Press said,  an arrest warrant has been issued for Parler.

A passer-by spotted the man under the leaves, lying down and covered with a blanket, in the woods near Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia.

Only a bible and his wheelchair were with the man several feet away, when he was spotted.

Lt. John Walker, Philadelphia Police said, “Walking down the walking path he sees the wheelchair and so he goes to look at the wheelchair and sees this kid lying there on the ground.”

Investigators believed,  the 21-year-old man, who cannot talk and paralyzed from the neck down, was left in the woods by his mother,   five days ago when Parler hopped on a bus to Maryland to visit her boyfriend.

Police said, “She took him out of the wheelchair laid him down and put a bible with him and put a blanket over on top of him.”

The young man, for 5 days  endured rain and cold, suffering from dehydration and malnutrition.  A red flag was raised,  by school officials after the man became absent from his classes this week.

Investigators say, the mother told them her son was with her here in Maryland when the school called.

Parler also lied to members of the family about her son’s whereabouts, police say.

Detectives are calling this, one of the most disturbing cases of domesticabuse they’ve ever seen.

“To see that kid laying there, it’s heartbreaking to see another human, especially a mother could treat someone like that when you had all the opportunities in the world to turn that kid over to your family members who wanted to care for him,” Walker said.

Parler  faces simple assault, aggravated assault, neglect of a care dependent person, reckless endangerment of another person, kidnapping,  unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.

The 21-year-old son, is now in stable condition at the hospital, CBS Philly reports

Police are saying,  they plan to investigate the on-goings of the son’s care in the past several years.



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