Change your lifestyle or be changed forever: an alarming episode about heart attack

Imagine you’re in dire straits.  It’s after lunch and the sun is high.  Rrrrinnngg! Your loved one gets a phone call, informing her that her husband is on the way to the hospital, he just had a suspected heart attack.

Paramedics attached  tubes and feed painkillers into your body. Your wife and parents drives to the hospital in a mental fog, not knowing what news awaits them.

Then they dash through hospital corridors, with morbid thoughts of losing you, going through their mind.

Your doctor informs your them the news that you had a heart attack and you need an operationASAP.

So your parents fetch your children from school and inform the kids the somber news, that Dad had a heart attack

They visit you at your hospital bed with tears streaming down their cheeks. You’re in the ICU with dozen of wires and machines monitoring your heart’s every beat.

As you are wheeled into surgery, so they can fix your damaged valve, your wife approaches and hugs you tight, whispers in your ear, “Please be safe, I want to grow old with you.”

They wait for hours and hours pacing listlessly, outside the operating room, waiting for news of you.

Your wife kneels and prayed hard as she has never prayed before, to seek divine intervention for you to get well.

She waits for news, with worst of thoughts, thinking numerous things, weighing the pros and cons.

Those scenarios could happen, and is happening every day, to people who never in their wildest imagination thought this would happen to them.

As a matter fact, 153 Australians have a heart attack each day, the Heart Foundation says, or one heart attack every nine minutes.

If you get lucky, you could survive a fatal heart attack.    You’ve been warned to change your habits, exercise more, get fit, eat right.  If you’re not that lucky, you could be disabled for life.  Your life  changes forever, constant visits to the doctors, daily drugs, regular trips to the hospital.

In my case, my husband was one of the lucky ones.  He had a heart attack last month. He’s OK now and I thank the doctors and nurses at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for their care.

Neither of us ever imagined this could happen to us. That’s why I’m writing to you, to change your ways, exercise, be fit, cause health is wealth.

We only have 1 life and it is precious.



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