Gene-Effect: How to Overcome a child’s lack of Learning Motivation in School

Unmotivated students should not fully to blame, according to the new research that genes outplays a key role behind a child’s lesser zeal to perform well in school.

The study analyzed more than 13,000 twins from six countries and revealed that 40 to 50% of the differences in their kids’ levelofmotivation to learn could be justified by their genetic inheritance from their parents.

“We found that there are personality differences that people inherit that have a major impact on motivation. That does not mean we do not try to encourage and inspire students, but we have to deal with the reality of why they’re different”, Stephen Petrill said, a professor of psychology at Ohio State University who led the research team.

The prior understanding, children’s shared environment, for instance the family and teachers, play a larger role in children’s school performance. However, in contrary it was found that non-shared environment was the major factor.

The research also involved separate analyses of twins aged nine to 16 in Germany, Russia, Britain, Canada, Japan and the United States. Students were asked of how much they enjoyed various academic activities such as reading, writing and spelling. The results also came out to be alike among twins, no matter what country they were from.

When identical twins were asked regarding their studies and interests, it turns out their answers were more closely matched than those of fraternal twins. This pointed out towards a convincing genetic component. While a particular set of genes may encourage a child to learn, the researchers said it won’t conclude how much that child will enjoy it. However, it really important to recognize personality differences that may affect motivation and then determine what could possibly be done to guide kids in the right direction.



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