The Size of ETs are Pure Speculations but they could be Bigger, Study

We speculate, we dream, we create movies. And recently, we had quite a number of alien movies. Why we are fan of producing and watching these kind of movies? Because we are fascinated about extra-terrestrials and consider the possibility that beings from beyond our world exist?

I fear that our fascination with aliens is closely associated to our ignorance about them.

We even imagine little green people. However these little green people might actually be very big.

A study from University of Barcelona cosmologist Fergus Simpson has been thinking deeply about alien size.

The theory behind it was produced through observations of our own planet. He relies on a mathematical model that says other planets conserve energy just like we do. “Throughout the animal kingdom, species which are physically larger invariably possess a lower population density, possibly due to their enhanced energy demands,” he says.

Bigger beings consume more and release more energy than do smaller beings.

He says, “Constitutes a simple random sample amongst inhabited planets.” We have many smaller beings than larger ones.

Since population density is widely observed to reduce with increasing body mass he concludes that extraterrestrials could weigh up to 300kg that would be 650 pounds, if they exist.

A paper entitled “The Nature of Inhabited Planets And Their Inhabitants” was published for this study.

But Seth Shostak, who has done some previous work suggesting any extraterrestrials we might find would be on the large side, notes the hypothetical nature of Simpson’s paper. “It’s interesting, but there’s really no concrete data to work with.”

Many of our theories are based on our own incomplete knowledge. There might be entirely other forms of being that we simply haven’t imagine, which outdo the scope of our current thinking.


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