Kanye West Plunges into Swan Lake During a Free Concert in Armenia

He’s never fearful enough for performing a jaw-dropping stunt; however did this stunt boomerang on Kanye West?

The 37-year-old rapper was performing at a free show in Armenia when, for reasons best known to West, he chose to take a dunk in the lake at the venue. A percentage of the swarm took after and before you could say “Yeezus”, police pulled the attachment on the show.

The Sunday night gig was live-spilled on YouTube and shows West diving into the expressively named Swan Lake while performing Good Life.

The minute where West hops into the lake begins at the 1.03 moment check on the feature. Fans gather around West, he was later pulled out from the lake and was taken away by the police.

In the midst of the mass perplexity that took after, police chose to scratch off the gig out and during 15 minutes of the lake plunge, the whole show was over. West, performing at the Armenian capital of Yerevan, had apparently sung just six tunes, including Stronger, Touch the Sky and The majority of the Lights, before the show was pulled.

Kim Kardashian, going hand in hand with her spouse to Armenia, tweeted that Kanye “hopped in the lake to be closer to the group on the other side & such a variety of individuals bounced in as well!”

Expectedly, Twitter emitted with footage of the jump and different satirizing of West’s activities. One adventurous supporter was trying to offer “Kanye’s water from Swan Lake”.




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