Is having sex before your sport event can make a difference?

Will it makes any difference if you do it before or after? After won’t matter anymore. There are several opposing views concerning this topic and you won’t really know until you experience it firsthand which I advise you not to do it.  The result may not be to your advantage.

One of the greatest ancient Philosophers Plato, believed that sex before engaging in sports won’t do you any good. You will lose focus and your aggressiveness will suffer very much. It’s different thing with Pliny the elder, another archaic thinker. He believed that sex before your sport match will keep your body highly revitalized.

Dr. Lulu Marquez, commenting on the topic in her radio program at DzMM, “Private Nights” has the same idea with Pliny. “Is sexual activity, sexual intimacy between you and your wife, 12 hours before [an athletic event good]? Yes. It’s a very good warm up.”

She continued that there are athletes who do this in order to improve their physical prowess. “Based on physiology, if you have a good love-making, a very sexually satisfying encounter before, it will increase your testosterone level. Kapag ang (When the) testosterone level is secreted, is it good for any sports activity? Yes.”

Not with the boxers who went to foreign lands and given some sexual incentives by the opposing camp. They almost always lose all the time. But that’s a different story.

There’s always a positive and negative side to everything and so with having sex before competing. It would be better according to Dr. Marquez, to do what you usually do before any match and not take any chances.



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