Lyme Disease is something to be cautious about


In the Northeast and upper Midwest, Lyme disease should still be on your radar.  Dr. Brian Stephens with Little Black Medical Bag  states, Florida is still home to ticks. Stephens stated, “We do have an endemic in Florida we tend to have more in Florida than other places in the southeast.”

In 2013, there were 87 definite incidents of Lyme disease in Florida and eight in Georgia according to the CDC.

“The ticks can be very small, a baby deer tick can be the size of a poppy seed and a full grown tick can be about the size that you see on your dog,” Stephens added.

Stephens states on tainted tick requires to latch on for up to 36 hours for an individual to become infected. Consequently, if you are bitten, to avoid getting ill is to eliminate it quickly.

Stephens said, “Grab the whole body of the tick and pull back until the tick releases and then examine the area for any spots that might be left usually any mouth parts of legs will usually fall out.”

He also added that if you do build up Lyme disease you might see a red mark that begins to inflate.  It’s called a target lesion because it appears like a target, if this occurs, you need to consult your doctor.

“You need to be treated because the tests may not be positive for several weeks or months after the tick bite,” Stephens states.

If you treat the infection right away, you should get better within three to six months, according to Dr. Stephens.
Further indications of Lyme disease are headache, fever, firmness, muscle aches, and tiredness.

“The vast majority of ticks are not going to give you Lyme disease, however you never know which ones that is,” he said.

There are a few debates in identifying Lyme disease because there are a bunch of fake positives and negatives. Now and then people with identifying a patient going through pain with Lyme disease, although something else is to blame, Stephens points out.

In our neighboring counties, here’s what’s going on.
Doctors are hectic taking care of patients with upper respiratory infections, allergies, and sinus infections in Nassau County at the Care Spot in Yulee.

Hectic with patients positive for strep throat, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and stomach flu in Middleburg, Clay County’s CareSpot. The stomach flu ends in a week, according to the Doctors.
Dr. Dudley Baringer of Healing Arts Urgent Care says they’re seeing imported viral infections in St. Johns County where lots of tourists are frequently treated this point of the year. He says ensure you regularly wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Furthermore, there’s a cold that ends in approximately five to seven days. Dr. Baringer says we are approaching the end of the oak pollen period. It’s been an awful time and its sourcing secondary sinus infections. He also added that they’ve had numerous definite type B flu incidents within the last few weeks.




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