Your Cheese and bread of choice will reflect your sex life and personality, study

If you are one, who adore the strong, flavorful aroma, tangy and creamy taste of  cheese, then chances are, you have a better sex life and is a much nicer person compared to non-lover of this appealing food.

Skout, a dating social network site, conducted a survey on the benefits of being a grilled cheese sandwich aficionado.  32 percent fond eaters of those fried bread concoctions had sexual activity for a minimum of six times per month, while those who disliked grilled cheese earned 27 percent.

Added to that, is the findings that grilled cheese lovers tend to be more adventurous. They also achieve more acts of kindness, with 81 percent of fried sandwich enthusiasts donating more time, money and food to the needy.

Fox News also reported a survey investigating the preference of choice for cheese topping and type of bread American cheese easily won the lead by 41 %. While, cheddar cheese came in close at 33 %.

Mozzarella apparently is pegged at only 10 percent of those who prefers it on their sandwich. Others below the rung as sandwich toppings were Swiss cheese at 8 percent, Provolone cheese at 6 percent, and Brie cheese at a deplorable 2 percent.

When it came to bread of choice, white bread won easily at 51 percent over wheat, which garnered only 29 percent of the respondents.

But for the combination as the most preferred choice, a combination of cheddar and American cheese on white bread with the crust, without toppings wins the day.

A new study shows that cheese may actually boost your metabolism and prevent obesity, reports Munchies.

Cheese lovers have higher levels of butyrate in their digestive bacteria. That compound is linked to prevention of obesity, lowering  cholesterol levels and improvements of metabolism.

Those people on low-carb diets, like the Atkins diet, can snack on cheese. As reported in the Inquisitr, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Sharon Osbourne have talked about using the Atkins high fat, low carb diet to achieve their weight loss goals.




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