Eddie Redmayne is studio’s favorite pick to star the sequel of “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter fans will certainly be happy to learn that a sequel of their favorite movie series is on its way. The prequel is set 70 years before the events in Harry Potter series. Warner Bros. put its faith in convincing the Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne to play the starring role in the Harry Potter prequel titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

JK Rowling the British author who wrote Harry Potter once again did another amazing job with the latest prequel while writing the script itself. David Yates will once again direct the film which centers on a false author named Newton Artemis Fido Scamander . The movie sequel will then follow his adventures according to the novel.

Redmayne is currently given the studio’s best attention in an attempt to make him accept the role to play Newton. The actor has yet to comment on the issue even when the studio claim that he is their number one choice. Redmayne may not have made his decision since the script is still in progress. The 33- year old actor, according to a reliable source, does not usually make a decision whether to accept a role or not if he has not read the final script. The movie includes other lead roles that features Newton’s two sisters, their parents and one character named Jacob.

Redmayne’s role in Jupiter Ascending had caught the studio’s attention even if it didn’t go well at the box office. His fans though increased when he won the best actor award for his role as Stephen Hawking the physicist in the “The Theory of Everything” .

Redmayne is expected to get another Oscar award for his latest “The Danish Girl”  where he plays Lili Elbe the transgender artist .


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