SpaceX 208-foot Falcon 9 Rocket will Launch the Dragon Spacecraft for ISS Resupply Mission on Monday

The SpaceX launch for ISS resupply mission from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station will depend on Monday afternoon’s weather. Launching its 208-foot Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon Spacecraft loaded with 4,300 pounds of food, equipment and experiments for a crew of six persons in the station.Air

Force’s 45th weather Squadron said there is a 60 percent possibility of a promising weather by 4:33 for the instantaneous window at Launch Complex. Monday would bring Dragon to arrive at the station early Wednesday. Yet if it’s moved to Tuesday there is a 70 percent chance of weather improvement.

The SpaceX’s first counterpart, the United Launch Alliance will introduce the design and name of its new rocket, just before its schedule to launch Monday afternoon. ULA had requested the public to vote online for the rocket’s new name which included Eagle,

Freedom and Galaxy 1 then Zeus and Vulcan.

Wednesday signifies President Barack Obama’s visit 5 years ago to Kennedy Space Center to set new plans for the nation’s human spaceflight program in which a controversial followed about his proposal to have the NASA’s Constellation program cancelled which would have brought back the astronauts to the moon by 2020.

The Administration and Congress approved NASA’s space exploration missions. Obama had said in his speech suggesting astronauts to visit an asteroid by 2015, bringing a mission to orbit Mars by the mid-30s. He had then proposed a $ 6 billion budget yet resulted debates regarding its funding since a budget was never released over the years.

A robotic spacecraft was  planned to pull a boulder from an asteroid and draw it near the moon so that astronauts could get to it by mid 20s,  yet this week the NASA Advisory Council decided cancelling the mission and focus on sending robotic spacecraft to a moon of Mars to try its electric propulsion system .



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