Oncolytics Biotech scientists: With Reovirus Discovery, Cancer is now Highly Curable in the Very Near Future

Recently, in a report published in Forbes, it was explained by the CBS’60 Minutes report, on cancer treatments focused on the engineered polio virus which was created at the Duke University in order to treat a fatal kind of brain cancer, glioblastoma., Oncolytics Biotech CEO,  Brad Thompson, said though, that there are more angles to be considered with regards to the treatment.

Thompson said that he not only aware about the treatment but also understands the complexity of bringing them into the market.  Oncolytics Biotech, formed in 1998, explains a numerous discoveries that have been initiated at the University of Calgary. The focal point among its discoveries is the reovirus, which is a type of brain cancer treatment. Called Reolysin, the company has already done the Phase I trials of the therapy based on the reovirus.  It is used for the treatment of neck and head cancers.

Though the results of the trials yielded very little success, but the CEO says they will continue to discover other treatments for virus-based immunotherapy like polio.

There are a number of other companies that are working towards the same direction. In the field of biology alone, a lot of research is being done. While the companies are dealing with plunging shares, the scientists meanwhile, are learning from the failed trials.

However, there is a vast difference between Oncolytics’ approach and what other researchers are doing. The company’s Reolysin is allegedly a naked form of analready-existing virus. This treatment has not been created specifically to fight the tumor cells or increase the ability of immune system in dealing with the cancer. The prime capability of Reovirus is protection of the normal cells instead. It will work only on the tumor cells which are genetically mutated.



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