A  powerful supercomputer will soon dominate the world of computer technology by the year 2018

U.S. promises to overshadow the currently famous Tianhe-2 supercomputer when the U.S. Department of Energy is all set to introduce the even more highly powered supercomputer that will certainly make it on the world record by 2018 .

A supercomputer in Guanghu , China which is called Tianhe-2 is today’s world’s fastest supercomputer featuring its remarkable 33.86-petaflops that was recorded in the TOP 500 lists of June 2013. Yet the ComputerWorld news declared on April 9 that U.S. will soon bring to the world its supercomputer Aurora . It is still currently being enhanced by the U.S. but will run an astonishing 180-petaflops , which is six times more powerful than the current Tianhe-2. The Aurora is believed to perform better than any other supercomputer by three folds. The contract was given to Intel and Cray as they are to combine the system to be stationed at the Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, III.

Report say that they released information that the Aurora will copy the Cray’s design generation supercomputer which is code-named Shasta. Although there had never been a released information about its design, its just that it is supposed to have a faster interconnection than the rest of Cray’s , using a high-bandwidth network to get to the 180-petaflops performance level for an even quicker data transfer , superior storage processing and greater memory .

The announcement made by Intel had thrilled people saying that the supercomputer will merge the IntelXeon and Xeon Phi chips , additionally they will be using silicon photonics technology with short bursts of light controlling that data transportation.

The invention of this new supercomputers play an important role to our economy for security purposes, scientific and environmental programs around the world . An even important use like military programs , weather forecasting and economic model simulation that improves the development of the country.




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