Another Good Samaritan: Winnipeg Lady Offers a Portion of Her Liver to an 11-year-old Patient

A generous Winnipeg lady increased the chance of an 11-year-old from stripping off her uncommon liver decease by offering a portion of her liver.

A liver transplant during the following 6 to 12 months is needed by the patient, Allexis Siebrecht, to help her endure an uncommon deadly liver ailment known as biliary atresia.

The patient’s family has been calling for help since last week. Their needs were granted through contributions and most especially the proposal for an alternate liver.

The donor, Samantha Lussier, 24, felt that she was obliged to help the 11-year-old girl when she heard about her story from her mother. She was inspired to help because Tina, her mother used to have a liver illness.

Allexis was excited when she found out that there was someone who was serious about donating a portion of his/her kidney. She also stated that she was eager to fly to Toronto for the operation.

Tina Lussier stated that her child made her own decision, and she was happy that her child was enthusiastic to do such a brave thing.

The donor has already undergone the compatibility tests and is scheduled to fly to Toronto on Monday for the operation.

“She’s 11 years of age. She has such a great amount of life in front of her,” Lussier talked on CTV Winnipeg on Wednesday. “On the off chance that I can issue her a bit of me that is going to develop back, and it’s going to spare her life, it’s stunning.”

Samantha Lussier stated, “I really hope she’s a match because it would make me so happy, because then I can go for a trip.”

Allexis’ mother was hoping that everything will turn out fine.

“I’m so excited and hopeful,” Liz Siebrecht stated.

A Lussier family companion has officially given two carrier tickets to fly Samantha and Tina to Toronto for the surgery. A GoFundMe operation is additionally raising cash for the Lussiers to stay in Toronto for the one-month recuperation period after the surgery.


Any additional cash raised will go to Siebrecht’s household.


Biliary atresia is an uncommon, regularly lethal condition that happens during childbirth in one in every 10,000 to 20,000 newborn children, the Canadian Liver Establishment says. The individuals who do make due through outset tend not to live long without a transplant. Then again, transplants have a 75% achievement rate and can incredibly expand the odds of survival.


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