Health Alert: Lethal Tick-borne virus in Connecticut Found to be Deadlier than Lyme Sisease

The tick-borne virus known as Powassan appeared in the southern parts of Connecticut based on a report from an expert .
According to Dr. Thedore Andreadis , who is the head of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, as he told the WCBS 880 , the Powassan virus may show symptoms close to Lyme disease which often is associated with headache , nausea and fever.
It is known that once the virus is caught in the system, it can never be treated and the disease can cause death., Andreadis said. Although there had been no human cases around the area that has been told , Andreadis stated that people who go out in the woods is likely to meet deer carrying the ticks .
“These ticks will transmit this virus when they feed within a matter of hours, whereas with Lyme disease, for example, ticks generally have to feed up to two days before they’re capable of transmitting it,” he stated to the WCBS 880.
“You can reduce your risk of being infected with POW virus by using tick repellents, wearing long sleeves and pants, avoiding bushy and wooded areas, and doing thorough tick checks after spending time outdoors,” the CDC informed .

There may be no cure for the disease yet, but those who think have experienced symptoms of the disease, must seek medical help immediately before it worsens .

“The doctor just has to support you during the acute illness and hope that you survive,” stated Dr. Daniel Cameron, president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, he told CBS News that once the tick carrying the Powassan virus bites it can immediately infect almost instantly in just minutes .
The virus may not have symptoms most of the time before it gets to the nervous system until it causes encephalitis and meningitis.

Those who live through the illness will have neurological symtoms like muscle wasting and memory problems , informed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They also said that the incubation period would reach a week to even a month.


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