As the number of Victims Continue to Increase 3 More Deaths on Listeria in Blue bell ice cream Contamination is Reported

For the last three years, three people died of listeria monocytogenes from eating Blue Bell ice cream.

Eight people were lately reported hospitalized after eating the ice cream. This prompted the company to close its plant in Oklahoma where the contaminated products were made.

The contamination opted Blue Bell to recall a third product and further investigate the problem. The company which is based in Brenham had recalled over 25 of its products from stores since the other month including Florida and 22 other states.

A report said around 600 cases of listeria were annually listed and confirmed by CDC.

The organism is acquired from contaminated food which causes serious and even fatal infections especially in persons whose immune systems are low like young children and elderlies.

Sabra has also pulled 30, 000 cases of humus from stores nationwide following an inspection in March , that showed the samples taken from Michigan retail location were positive of the deadly organism .

It all seemed to come after last January’s Granny Smith and Gala apples when an environmental test showed presence of listeria at the company’s packing facility. There Thirty-five people were then reported to have been infected where 34 of those got hospitalized.

Washington Post said that the apple contamination had been the most distressing since 11 of the people who got infected were pregnant women where one had a miscarriage there were also newborn infants infected.

The deadliest yet that had happened involving listeria was in 2011 which started with a fruit from a single cantaloupe farm in Colorado. The outbreak claimed 29 lives while one had a miscarriage. CDC said it could have killed more if the infection was not contained immediately.

Symptoms of the infection may include fever, muscle pain and gastrointestinal complains, CDC informed.

Listeria usually results in a fever, muscle aches and gastrointestinal symptoms, according to the CDC.


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