The Ayes have it: The bill that prohibits child exemptions to vaccine is now official in California State

When does government intervention over parental rights becomes ethical? The state of California has joined few other states in taking into account the greater good rather than those of the few. This is thew reason why child exemptions ha been abolished today by majority vote in the state’s legislative body.

After the state was struck with a severe measles outbreak in the U.S. The California lawmakers were determined to pass the law that avert from accepting parents refusing vaccination on children in school.

“I have very profound feelings about parental rights and responsibilities and great dismay in American society over the decades how much that parental right, that parental responsibility has diminished,” stated Republican Sen. Jen Nielsen who was an opposer of the bill .

The bill has been approved this week while report said the intense hearing lasted for more than four hours as legislators struggled against many opposers who went almost out of control over them. The bill must still face further hearings before a possible vote on the state Senate floor.

It was learned that vaccination had effectively eliminated homegrown measles after 15 years when the outbreak surfaced. The outbreak had mostly affected the area around California  where people refused to have their children immunized . The vaccine can effectively avoid a person to get the virus yet if the level of immunization generally drops , the disease may yet advance targeting the elderly and the babies whose immune systems are low.

The outbreak that started in December had promptly triggered a public health and political critical situation while reactionaries strive to settle their own opinion with the present situation.

New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie was condemned by many opposers when he said he was in favor of offering parents to have a choice on the matter , despite submitting his own kids to vaccination . On the other hand , Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul an ophthalmologist, after announcing his purpose to run for president in 2016 , added that he had witnessed vaccines resulted to “profound mental problems” .



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