Street artist criticizes Kardashian “kult” with sassy ‘No Kardashian’ parking signs all over downtown Hollywood


After notoriety for installing an oversized drug-injecting Oscar-style statue near the Dolby Theatre ahead of this year’s Academy Awards, street artist Plastic Jesus, has taken a shot at Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and their “kult” by posting the signs all over the city.

The first sign appeared four weeks ago, with one, placed even in front of the reality stars’ Dash shop on Melrose. Other signs which have cropped up were instituted near hot spots, like the Ivy restaurant, Urban Outfitters and Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

The U.K. artist told LA Weekly, “I suppose it’s a protest at the obsession with the Kardashians and every kind of move they make.  Their luncheon outings and shopping excursions are media events themselves. What do you think is fascinating about somebody pumping gas?”

BBC was informed by Plastic Jesus, that the inspiration came from traffic congestion, caused by a paparazzi tussle, when one of the famous siblings was leaving an establishment.

“There is gridlock caused whenever one of the Kardashian family members does simple basic things, eating out, pumping gas or let’s say,  shopping.  The Kardashians have become a media cultural phenomenon, sad to say, at the expense of real news.” the artist who has been hailed as the “Banksy of L.A.” said.

However, the famous reality family is not the only target for his comments.   His latest handiwork is also an expression of criticism for “us, both the media and the consumer,” he said.

“Media is driven by circulation, or more currently by more hits on websites. Without our unending desire to patronize this content this will continue,” he says to the Beeb.

He added on Twitter,”‘StopMakingStupidPeopleFamous’ gets blogged as a criticism of the #Kardashians ‘, but that tweet is aimed at us,  to criticize the consumers.”

The signs, which may be erroneous taken for official, among the city’s numerous parking signs, are considered a form of vandalism by the LAPD. “They’re envisioned as “a temporary installation” and may probably be taken down soon,” insisted the street artist.

The artist tweeted late Tuesday, “You’d better grab a no #kardashian parking sign soon enough. They are coming down fast in the morning”



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