Conservative group ALEC has answered non-believer of climate change issue as corporate member began an exodus


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will take action against activist groups who accused them of disbelief of climate change, they said in a statement. After being labeled as unbelievers of global warming by some groups, the conservative group’s lawyers sent a letter to the Common Cause and the League of Conservation Voters, requesting them to ““remove all false or misleading material” and “cease making false statements” proclaiming that ALEC does not believe in global warming.

But, Common Cause refused the request, and says ALEC’s public opinion support their claims.

After some of its best corporate members started leaving, which include members from British Petroleum, Northrop Grumman, Facebook, Yahoo and Google.  Google even rendered a public announcement of its decision to stop funding ALEC.  Hence, the conservative group made its decision, after Activist has called on sponsors to stop its support to organizations who are non-believer of climate change.

The activist call against ALEC is a strong indication how much they influence corporate sponsors to stop their support to groups who doesn’t care about our environment.

In an akin situation, the country’s fourth-largest electric utility, Southern Co., has also stopped it financial support to scientist Wei-Hock “Willie” Soon researches. Soon, a Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory solar physicist, has challenged the unanimity view that relates current climate change to man-made greenhouse gases. Soon’s researches became tainted with controversy, when it was revealed, he was receiving monetary back-up from oil companies.

Scott Segal, representative of energy interests at Bracewell & Giuliani said, “Debate over climate science was “all the rage” in the past. The science issue just isn’t as salient as it once was. But today, the key issue is whether proposed regulations cost too much, weaken reliability or are illegal.”



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