In California: The fight is on Between Antivaccination Parents and the Government to have their Children Submit to be Vaccinated

Protesters increasingly gathered on the state Capitol today wearing red T-shirts as they heatedly express their opinion condemning the move that would force them to submit their child to be vaccinated.

Angry protesters carried signs that says “Force my veggies, not vaccines” and “Protect the Children, Not Big Pharma—No on SB 277,” as they shouted in chorus “My Child, My Choice”. Speakers took turns in discussing to deal the issue on the damage that they claim the vaccine had triggered and the government’s hostile statement of terms which brings them to choose options on whether to submit their child or be excluded from government benefits.

Before the rally took place a Senate Health Committee hearing was set this afternoon where 9 senators are to vote on Senate Bill 277 which was co-authored by Sen. Richard Pan, a pediatrician. The bill involves admission to school in California for only those immunized children on different diseases as measles and whooping cough. The only accepted exemption is for medical reasons. Also requesting schools to inform parents of immunization rates at their school.

Yet a lot of the opposers including the speakers continue to say they will not stop fighting against the government’s decision. Bob Sears, a pediatrician from Capistrano Beach known for his negative opinion on vaccinations for children strongly urged the crowd to keep aspiring for what they believe in.

“Get out there and fight for your rights,” he spoke to them as he continued saying if the bill should pass the health committee today, they can continue their fight against it with the Senate Education Committee when they too will have to make their decision in the following weeks.

Stemming from what had occurred during a measles outbreak that started in Disneyland in December, the debate continues to heat up. Although there had been numerous scientist that say  there had never been a proof that the vaccines could actually cause autism , a lot would still listen to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who questions the safety of thimerosal which is a substance consisting of mercury that he claims still present in some vaccines.



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