Nintendo manufacturing shortage for New Amiibos has fans furious

A new wave of Amiibo characters was announced by Nintendo to be released in the coming months. Additionally, three Wii U games have been given their official dates of release.

On May 29, Amiibos for Charizard, , Ness, Jigglypuff, Pac-Man, Greninja, Lucina, Robin and Wario are anticipated to be released. Meanwhile, amiibos Dark Pit and Palutena. Pikmin, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. amiibos will be released in September.

“Splatoon” Wii U shooter game will be released in May 29. The game players shoot ink at foes and surfaces, where the character can swim, hide from enemies, be able to accelerate speed and climb walls.

“Mario Maker” is scheduled to be released this September. This allows gamers to create their own 2D Mario levels for Wii U has been revealed by Nintendo for release later this year.

Ever since its release in Nov. 2014, there has been shortage of Amiibos which angered fans.  Last Apr. 2, the situation got worse when the fourth wave of preorder figures resulted to more shortages.

The Cheat Sheet reported, “Things started off badly when went down under the strain of people trying to preorder Amiibos. The company put up an “under maintenance” notice along with a statement sending customers to its physical stores to lock in their Amiibo preorders. That plan failed, too, as GameStop’s point-of-service sales system collapsed under the weight of all the orders coming in at once.”

The website also criticizes that Nintendo did not manufacture nearly enough Amiibos to meet the rising demand. Moreover, Nintendo does not seem concerned in correcting this shortage issue and the current demand of Amiibos had so far  caused  worst problems .



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