Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Will it Bend

Will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bend? Of course it will. But does it bend easily?

That’s the doubt of SquareTrade, gadget-insurer, aspired to answer in its controversy-strewn bend promotional video. It give rise to a headline this weekend by taking a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, putting it in what they call a “bend bot”, applied pressure machine, then Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bent at 110 pounds of pressure,  while at 149 pounds of pressure catastrophic failure happened.

This crashes familiar exact controversy when the iPhone 6 Plus first smash the market. Apple responded to those claims by citing very low breakage rates and in order to witness how phones are tested, they invited a group of journalists to its headquarters.

As you’d anticipate, Samsung has responded with its own version of events pointing out that this is more pressure than you’d put on your phone if it was in your back pocket. The firm also noted that Square Trade tested only the front, whereas the back has a different level of tolerance. Samsung is confident that the S6 won’t break in normal use.

For its part 110 lbs of force is an exaggerated demo, more than most users will ever apply to the phone, even by sitting on it. Samsung also posted a pressure test video that shows the phone is resilient up to 79 lbs of pressure. That a required a force roughly equivalent to break a bundle of five pencils. But for Samsung, that video only has about 10,000 views so far, while Square Trade’s has over 1 million.

So what’s the conclusion for this? First, videos of things catastrophically breaking are more fun to watch than videos of things not breaking at all. Second, insurance business, which is after all, how Square Trade makes money, posting intense YouTube videos alarming customers, is major for their business.

Simply, just take good care of your phone and it won’t deform.



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