7 tips on how to eat without getting fat

Nutrition program manager Clare Hughes, of the Cancer Council NSW, shares a few tips on how to eat right so as not to pack an extra pounds.

“We don’t think of coffee as a big-ticket kilojoule item, but once you step away from a standard flat white and get into flavored syrup, for instance, a cup of coffee becomes more like dessert than a caffeine fix, a regular caramel latte from Gloria Jean’s has 925 kilojoules and almost seven teaspoons of sugar,” she says.

If you think the words “banana” and “bread” is synonymous with health food, think again, Hughes expounds, some banana breads have as many kilojoules, even without butter, as four slices of pizza and as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar.

  1. Have a plan. If you skip an afternoon snack, you may eat a full dinner, but if dinner is going to be a tidbit, an afternoon snack might be a good idea.
  2. Pick smarter cafe breakfasts. A café breakfast is a chance to start the day eating healthy cholesterol free food like vegetables, fruits, toast, poached eggs or tomatoes, instead of meat loaf.
  3. The trouble with tapas … is that when you are eating a series of small bites, it is difficult to keep track of how much you are eating
  4. The bread basket? That depends on the bread and how hungry you are.
  5. Main courses – should you share? If you eat with a group, it is easier to keep track of how much you have eaten by ordering your own main course, rather than share.
  6. Alcohol- less is more. It is because 2 glasses of wine can zilch any resolve to eat sensibly, but also because a 150-millilitre glass of red or white wine adds 585 kilojoules or an equivalent of a 100-gram scoop of ice cream, while a 425-millilitre mug of beer has 654 kilojoules or an equivalent to 100 grams of frozen gelato.
  7. Speak up. Words in the menu like crispy, fried, creamy, golden, crunchy and crumbed are magic words for high cholesterol foods. If you have reservation on the food preparation, ask. It is also okay to request for small modifications.


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