Parents may not receive benefits from the government upon refusing vaccination to children

According to Mark Colin , the Federal Government intend to modify laws that will hinder parents from receiving benefits if they fail to have their children vaccinated.

Scott Morrison, a Social Services Minister aspire to find a way to stop parents from using alternatives allowing parents to receive benefits even when they refuse vaccination.

As Bridget Brennan reports , children with opposing parents doubled for a decade that left 40, 000 children without the vaccine with a conscientious objection on their record.

A proof that show their children were immunized is required to enable Australian parents to receive tax benefits and childcare subsidies yet parents resort to other alternatives to avoid those rules using personal or religious grounds.

Bridget Brennan said that Scott Morrison , the Social Services Minister expressed that he will strictly see through it that the exemptions are proven valid so those parents will be omitted on benefits .

He believes that existing exemptions need to be strictly considered since  other children will be put at risk and that their health is most important. Parents are free to make their own decisions but it does not signify that they are entitled to benefits from tax payer’s money if they oppose with the rules.

Bridget Brennan reports that 5 year old children are mostly vaccinated in Australia which is around 91% . Yet in some other areas the number of children without the vaccine is much lower especially in Queensland .

Dr Jeanette Young , chief health officer of Queensland explains that people there need to get more information and let them understand the dangers and risks of not being vaccinated and that the disease will definitely recur based on their experience, as people travel to other countries bringing back the disease.

Bridget Brennan explained that disciplinary actions such as limiting benefits on parents may be a solution to make vaccination rates increase and stop the disease from circulating.






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