Study warns extensive use of Facebook leads to unhappiness

Social media can be a boon when used in right way However studies have been made concerning the negative effects when used too much. A limit is needed in order to keep things in their proper perspective.

Study reveals that psychologist have found forty years ago that by evaluating self through comparison with others will result to lessen happiness. This was confirmed by Teddy Roosevelt who stated that “comparison is the thief of joy”. Which indicate that comparing oneself to the lives of others will trigger a psychological effect on the state of mind.

The growing popularity of social media and social networking is making it impossible to avoid self-evaluation through comparing life with others.

According to a research at the University of Houston, those who engage themselves too much on the social media such as Facebook will end up comparing their social standing to others and eventually suffer depression.

“It’s important to recognize that most people tend to self-present on Facebook, so they put themselves in the best light and only post about the good things in their life rather than bad,”. Stated Mai-Ly Steers a lead author and doctoral student at the University of Houston.  “However if we don’t realize this is occurring and we try to compare ourselves, we’ll feel we don’t really measure up to our friends.”

Their study included researcher to test 154 people who uses Facebook at ages between 18 and 42. They were to use Facebook daily for two weeks and questionnaires were then given to them to determine whether they show signs of depression and how intense they become to socially compare themselves.

The analysis came up with a result that found people who use Facebook too often as in a dailly basis would tend to judge themselves in opposite to their friends and ends up feeling unhappy. The signs would often be associated with the feeling of hopelessness for one’s future, sadness and getting easily annoyed at little things. This signs are usually experienced by college students since they are still unsure of their future.

“Perhaps individuals with low self-esteem might be engaging in downward social comparisons on Facebook in order to improve or bolster their self-worth; however, after doing so, they actually feel worse,” the study explained.



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