Health Alert: FDA is Unaware that Supplements Allegedly Contain Amphetamine-like Substances Never Tested on Humans

Report said some popular diet pills and sports supplements contain a substance similar to amphetamine drug that’s never been tested on humans. The substance identified as BMPEA is present in supplements that has Acacia rigidula, a native shrub in Texas.  . BMPEA can only be produced artificially.

It was said that the FDA was not able to alert consumers that some dietary supplements contain BMPEA when they found it out in 2013.

“The FDA should immediately warn consumers about BMPEA and take aggressive enforcement action to eliminate BMPEA in dietary supplements,” study reported “Physicians should remain vigilant for patients presenting with toxicity from sports and weight-loss supplements as they might contain undisclosed stimulants, such as BMPEA.”

The effect of the drug is undetermined yet is known dangerous to health.

Peter Cohen, the assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School stated that the FDA’s shortcoming is “completely inexcusable”.

On Monday, The Black Series Burn manufacturer says to withdraw products having BMPEA from their website after hearing reports. It was said that the FDA is only authorized to act only when complications arise which researchers find unfavorable since a lot of products include ingredients which does not reflect on their labels.A letter was sent asking the congress to let the FDA have more authority on supplement production.

A study recently revealed that more than half of the 21 brands of supplements with rigidula supplements contain BMPEA. The list of the products include Jet Fuel Superburn, Jet Fuel T-300, Fastin-XR and others manufactured by HiTech Pharmaceuticals.

It was learned that 1930s and 1940s research on BMPEA tested on dogs and cats resulted an elevation of blood pressure and heart rate. The substance was actually banned by the World Anti-Doping Association.

Mark O’Brian, Department of Biochemistry’s interim chairman, in the University of Medicine and Biochemical Scientist, says that knowing the supplement products contain the substance is quite disturbing. “It’s something no one should be taking at all, and certainly not unknowingly,”







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