Four-month old baby dies of meningitis abruptly just few hours after giving his first smile

A FOUR-month-old baby boy was abruptly taken from his Devon family when he died in the space of a morning from meningitis.

Family of Evan Summerfield has professed their confusion and anguished over the death of the baby, who woke covered with a rash and died at 10.15 am that same morning, despite a speedy response from relatives.

Grandmother Sarah Summerfield was taking care of the baby, when he became ill with a high temperature.

Sarah immediately had the baby tested the following morning to see if it was meningitis.

Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital confirmed later, Evan had contracted meningococcal septicemia.

He died a few hours later.

Born in November, Sarah’s daughter, Shannon E. Summerfield, 17, and Kris Adams, 19, were the boy’s parents. Sarah said they were “brilliant parents” to little Evan.

Sarah said, “We’re so confused how fast and horrible, this nasty illness takes hold. One moment he was laughing and smiling and then, it seems like in a heartbeat, he was so cruelly taken away.”

A fundraising movement was launched to help the family and also to aid the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Sarah said the awful news still doesn’t seem real, as the family is in shock.

She praised the hospital staff saying, “They were brilliant with him and I’ll always remember the little Scottish nurse who held him in her arms and protected him when he passed away.”

A family friend Charlie McManus help set up a fundraising page to help pay for Evan’s funeral, and help ease some of the family’s burden.

The family wanted to thank everyone for their donations, and have seen nearly £1,000 given for Evan’s funeral.

The extra donation will go to the Meningitis Research Foundation in the hope it will help stop other families going through the heartache.

Meningitis and septicemia can kill in hours according to The Meningitis Research Foundation. Meningitis is the inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord, while Septicemia is the blood poisoning form of the disease.

The two forms of the disease have different symptoms. People who recover from meningitis and septicemia can be left with a series of after effects that vividly alter their lives.



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