Women Over 60 Have Shorter Life Expectancy Due to Poor Health Habits and Insufficient Heath Care, Study

A startling decrease in life expentancy for women over 60 is the result of poor health habits and insufficiency in providing proper health care

A startling report shows that older women only have shorter life expectancy after years of living unhealthily and deterioration on care assistance . The estimated life spans of women at the age of 65, 75,85 and 95 started to drop in 2012. During 2013 , the average 75 year old woman could live for the next 13 years and five weeks which is 5 weeks less than in the year 2011. For those aged 85 , they may have six years and 42 weeks showing a drop of two and a half months

The increase in men’s life expectancy for those around 60 and 70 had stopped and those around the age of 80 and 90 had also dropped. Those who believed to live longer would never do if this change would continue to rise.The increase intake of alcohol and unhealthy food is feared to have caused too much damage already while untimely deaths could rise due to lack of help and proper care .


‘One of the issues we have seen is women living lifestyle’s becoming more like those of men over recent decades, with more smoking and drinking.’ Stated the president of the UK Faculty of Public Health Professor John Ashton.


He said that governments lately had not been able to look into the care for the elderlies . This had caused the decrease in life expectancy which had been greatly criticized by many. ‘There has been a failure of successive governments in that we should have seen that trends were changing, that more people would be living longer and we needed to put services in place to look after them.

‘We are letting down a generation which came back from the war and built the welfare state.’ He stated.


‘The most likely culprit is the rapid decline of state-funded social care in recent years, which is leaving hundreds of thousands of older people to struggle on alone at home without any help. Said Caroline Abrahams, of the charity Age UK



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