Kenya’s Casualties of the Slaughter, Honored by Social Networks all over the World

One hundred and forty-seven exploited people. Numerous number of families influenced. Significantly more broken trusts and dreams.

As Kenyans grieved those executed a week ago in one of the deadliest terrorist assaults in the country, natives utilized online networking to tell the victimized people’s stories.

Utilizing the hashtag #147notjustanumber – an indication to the quantity of individuals killed at Garissa College School on Thursday – Kenyans tweeted photos of the exploited people during their happy moments.

Kenyan supremacies have not discharged a rundown of the victimized people.

The posts gave heart-twisting subtle elements on the victimized people, including one about an elderly man whose aspirations kicked the bucket together with his child. He had allegedly taken a credit to teach him at the college. However, he was murdered by Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The assault in Kenya murdered 142 learners, three security officers and two college security staff, and was the country’s deadliest since the bombarding of the U.S. Government office in 1998.

Kenyan houses of worship grieved the dead amidst Easter administrations on Sunday as equipped gatekeepers secured the worshipers.

In enthusiastic administrations across the nation, churchgoers sobbed as they paid tribute to the casualties of the slaughter. The shooters who assaulted the college in the predawn hours divided Muslims from Christians and killed the last. The fanatic gathering has likewise murdered Muslims through the years.

Authorities said that the Inside Service has recognized one of the aggressors executed by security drives as the child of an administration official. The father of suspect Abdirahim Abdullahi is a boss in Mandera and had reported his child missing.


The Islamist radical gathering is situated in Somalia, however it hasn’t kept its terrorism to the country that imparts a boundary with Kenya. In 2013, aggressors assaulted Nairobi’s classy Westgate Shopping center, executing about 70 individuals.


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