Samsung may have Hired Spectators to Show Up during its Galaxy S6 Launching Affair in China according to A Shanghai Newspaper

Samsung has denied a report that it paid individuals to display as fans at the launch event for its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge telephones in Shanghai, China.

The Paper, a Shanghai-based news company, asserted that up to a large portion of the 1,000 actively present people were sourced by a selection representative and paid 30 yuan (US$4.80) for 60 minutes of their time. The Chinese report — outlined in English by Want China Times — recommended that Samsung’s Beijing office checked a starting 20 paid fans, however that number was later upped to 400-500.

Samsung called the report “totally groundless and bogus” in an announcement issued this morning on its blog.

“Our findings have indicated that under no circumstances has anyone been hired or given money to attend the event. In fact, the more than 1,100 attendees, including consumers and industry officials, have all been formally invited to the Shanghai Culture Square where the event took place,” the company stated.

Samsung told that The Paper “corroborated our findings and soon retracted the erroneous story.” The Korean company said it is attempting to comprehend where the story originated from.

This isn’t the first occasion when that Samsung has been hit by accusations of paid-for affection. In 2013, Samsung was fined for paying students in Taiwan to post feedback of HTC’s cell phones online — however it reprimanded an external organization for the program. An office of an organization assumed liability for another bumbling activity that saw designers offered cash to advance Samsung on Stack Overflow, a group for application engineers.


In this most recent case, Samsung has hit back with a solid denial, yet the occurrence regardless highlights the shadowy goings-on that regularly happen around advancing enormous organizations. There is surely a culture of ‘recruiting’ fans for occasions in China — frequently such organizations work independently or a couple of degrees expelled from the coordinator, different times they don’t.

Fake fans have been in the news recently. A report from The Guardian detailed how the Russian government pays online journalists to pen a scope of assignments for  ‘the good of the country’, including sparkling audits of gadgets from domestic phone-maker Yota.




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