The ‘Gravel’ drug is Designed to make a Person hallucinate, paranoid, and prone to violence; in short: a criminal.

Florida is now facing more on drug related crimes particularly on this new drug called ‘Flakka’ which can cause hallucinations, paranoia and violent behavior . Local police had witnessed more criminal activities related to the Flakka drug use including different kinds of strange behavior .

There had been an instance that a naked gunman was spotted on a Lake Worth rooftop yelling , another was caught on a video kicking in a glass door at the Fort Lauderdale police station . There had also been a report that a man skewed himself when he tried jumping up a security fence at the Fort Lauderdale station.

Florida police said there is a huge increase of flakka cases in 2014 where in 2012 there were 85 cases reported . Flakka which is also known as ‘gravel’ is now hip to the new generation like the crystal meth and ecstacy. The new drug has reportedly caused people to experience euphoria and acute sensory awareness , an effect caused by dopamine which mainly affects the brain. It is usually taken via smoking , inhaling or injecting . The drug is sold cheap at US$50 a hit and can be bought easily especially in large volumes from laboratories like China and India.

Jim Halls an epidemiologist from the Center of Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparaties under Nova Southeastern University explains that the side effects of the drug can be a dangerous as its side effects . He said one may also experience an ‘exited delirium’ as the body drops its temperature into hyperthermia then becomes psychotic and display unusual behavior like running around with no clothes on.

It is also known to give the user super strength that in an incident , it took five police officers to take down a user. If the user is left untreated during the psychotic episode it can cause sudden death. Flakka is a cathinone -based drug and is severely fatal where nobody has the knowledge of how it can be safely used.



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