Study: How to Use Eyeliners without Damaging your Eyes

Around the world, make-up is essential for women. Women choose to wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty and be more physically alluring. She may use eyeliner to make her eyes stand out. But applying eyeliner incorrectly could damage the eyes.

Liner applied close to the eye also means the eyeliner can become seeded with bacteria.

Dr Ng added this is the first research to show that particles from pencil eyeliner move into the eye.

The study focused on how differently eyeliner migrated into the tear film when applied in two different ways: inside the lash line and outside of the lash line.

For the investigation, volunteers aged between 26 and 30, with no known eye conditions, had their eyes filmed and were assigned to one of two groups.

One applied eyeliner inside the lash line, close to the eye, while the other applied eyeliner to the skin outside of the lash line, further from the eye.

Video was being recorded of each participant’s eyes to test the effect of eyeliner, then counted how many particles of eyeliner moved into the eye.

They found that more particles moved into the eye when eyeliner was applied to the inside of the lash line.

Dr Ng said: ‘We noticed that the makeup migration happened quicker and was greater when eyeliner was put on the inner lid margin.’

And it is worse to people using contact lenses and for sensitive or dry eyes.

Eyeliner is made from a variety of synthetic chemicals, such as oils, silicones, gums and waxes are invented to make the product stick so it adheres to eyelids.

Dr. Ng warned that build-up of make-up on contact lenses can also irritate the eye.

The researchers said that keeping products away from the inner lid margin and only applying eyeliner to the outside of the lashes along the eyelid to reduce risk of complication

Dr Ng advised to sharp pencil eyeliner each time before application to get rid of the stuff that is stuck in the tip, which can help prevent infection. Furthermore, make sure to fully remove eye makeup before bed.

A physician at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dr. Joseph Ciolino, , pointed out that the result can likely be applied to a range of different products, including mascara, as the dye from the make-up can build up in the tear duct and cause excess tearing.


Nonetheless, applying any product too close to your eyes can come with its risks and can lead to block tear ducts.



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