Tips on How to Be a Hundred Seventeen Years Old Years Old without Really Trying

An amazing truth! A little more than a century old person really does exist, but on the sad note, she just died on Wednesday in Osaka, Japan.

Misao Okawa, aged 117 years old, is the oldest known living person in the whole world, but just recently she passed away. During her most recent birthday party, she was joined by relatives and some members of the local press, then she was asked the question that everybody has been dieing to ask brought about by that amazing feeling everyone felt having to experience that face to face encounter with someone who’s stayed alive for a really long time. The question was — What’s the secret?

Okawa shared everyone these tips: plenty of sleep and mackerel sushi. May it not be an inclusive guide, the many interviews done with the record-setter old woman, together provided a pretty sound roadmap to living your best life.

For anybody who wish to enjoy a splendid day, here is a suggested timetable or list of details from people who’ve done it better than anyone else:

Wake up early, then stay in bed as long as you like. When you decide to get dressed, don’t skimp on the fancy underthings.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and coffee with whiskey. Take in the morning papers, employing a magnifying glass and homemade brandy as needed.

Have a little walk, nothing too strenuous. Be sure to mind your own beeswax while you’re out and, if you’re a lady, stay away from men! They’re more trouble than they’re worth. And be sure not to acquire any children you don’t already have. Cool off with a can of Bud.

Lunch: matzo ball soupbarbeque chickenDr. Pepper.

Entertain yourself in the afternoon with some parliamentary debates on TV. Yell at the politicians all you like! Have some ice cream. Have a cigar. Have seven.

Dinner: mackerel sushi and birthday cake, in honor of the recently departed Misao Okawa. If so moved, toast her memory with some Paisano wine or Southern Comfort.

Go to bed whenever and sleep 12 hours or more. Repeat. Outlive 11 popes.



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