Canine flu alert: Outbreak hits Chicago with 5 dogs dead so far  

On Friday City officials said that they have alarmed the the public of the area where five dogs have died due to complications which had occur between January and March .

From a survey of local veterans it was found that there had been 1,000 cases of the canine infectious respiratory disease which were recently diagnosed . With this, the Cook County Department of Animal  and Rabies Control announced the situation on Friday cautioning pet owners to avoid visiting dog parks, group dog training facilities , doggy day care business and areas where dog would usually gather.

“We’ve had a lot of calls to our office, asking, ‘What is going on?'” stated Dr. Donna Alexander, the administrator of the county’s animal control . “We have veterinarians calling us saying we are seeing this.”

The calls had been increasing that the animal control made a survey on other local veterinarians sending them questionnaires to know how wide the disease might have spread among the dogs that they have attended to. It was revealed that indeed there was an outbreak that could only subside in a few weeks time.

The dogs that had the canine flu usually show symptoms like a persistent and a cough that lasts more than it should , a fever, runny nose and loss of appetite . Their moods also become negatively affected , Alexander said . The problem though can be cured , yet it may be critical to dogs under the age of 1 , those over the age of 7 and those with weak immune systems.

The infection is highly contagious in dogs but is impossible to pass it on humans.

“We are encouraging people to go see their veterinarian to see if they should start the canine influenza vaccine,” stated Alexander . “It’s not effective immediately, so owners must try to keep dogs away from doggy social functions. Even dog-friendly areas: You enter at your own risk (because) there is a lot of nose-to-nose contact going on there.” PetSmart decided on Thursday as they announced they were temporarily closing its PetsHotels in the South Loop, Lincoln Park and Evanson to prevent further contamination .





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