Bleach Warning: Highly Dangerous to children ages between 6 to 12 years old, according to study

A report taken from the Daily Mail reports explain that the use of bleach to clean houses is very common. Parents would use it generously around the house thinking it would wipe out all the germs that could possibly cause infections and at the same time keeps the house spotless.A study says that it is true that it does effectively kill germs around houses yet the chemical could also make children prone to getting flu , tonsillitis or other infections .

Researchers made a study to determine the connection between using the bleach in cleaning homes and how often infections affect specifically on the respiratory .

It was found that inhaling the bleach from areas around had resulted to a 20 percent increase of getting the flu in the preceding year. In addition to it, there is a 35 percent increase in having repeated tonsillitis over a certain time. Researchers had made it clear that the use of bleach in homes could cause health issues .

The study gathered facts on how severe the bleach exposure could possibly affect  9,000 schoolchildren between six and twelve in Netherlands, Finland and Barcelona. Parents were requested to answer a questionnaire to find out how often their children get the flu, tonsillitis , sinusitis , bronchitis , otitis and pneumonia infections in the preceding 12 months.

The questionnaires also included to ask if they used bleach to disinfect and clean their homes at the minimum of once per week . It was learned that the use of the bleach is more common in Spain and seldom in Finland. Spanish schools are actually cleaned with the agent , when Finnish schools opted from using is as a cleaning agent.

The study are also considering factors like passive smoking at home , parental education , household mold and the use of the bleach to disinfect and clean schools. The findings that they got from all three countries explains that children who are more likely to get the flu often are those whose parents that use bleach at their homes to clean it. The risk of getting any of the infection repeatedly especially flu and tonsillitis, is greater by 18 percent among children whose parents often used the bleach in cleaning their homes.







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