An Easter Story: A Modern Day Good Samaritan offers his own kidney to save a complete a stranger’s life

Many of us are familiar already with the Good Samaritan story. It is about a traveler being waylaid by hi way robbers and left for dead beside a lonely strip of road.  A fellow traveler took pity on him and brought him to an inn to have his wound tended and told the innkeeper that he’d pay for the man’s keep upon his return.

Noe we have a modern day good Samaritan offering his kidney to save a perfect stranger’s life much as what the Bible character did.

Josh Dall-Leighton’s Go Fund Me campaign, which he hopes to raise approximately $6,000, was already  raking in up to $40,000 on Wednesday evening with contributions continue coming in.  The man  who plans to donate a kidney to a 24-year-old South Portland  single mother doesn’t have to worry any longer about taking time off work without pay.

“It’s crazy. Someone donated $2,000. And then someone else donated $15,000. And at that point my jaw pretty much hit the floor,” says his wife, AshleyThe Windham man, a 30-year-old corrections officer who works in Alfred, decided to donate his kidney when he chanced upon a sign on Christine Royles’ car last fall,  “Looking for someone to donate me their kidney. Must have type O blood.”

Media outlets, like Fox News and, covered the story following a recent Portland Press Herald article and video about Dall-Leighton’s gift to a complete stranger.

Royles a single mother of a 2-year-old,  whose kidneys were failing due to an  autoimmune disease,  was desperate to find a donor. Dall-Leighton, says he didn’t falter in contacting the Maine Transplant Program when he saw Royles’ sign, endured extensive testing this winter and found just out last month that he is a perfect match.

“The fact that I have three kids of my own, and that really resonated with me. If my wife needed a kidney and I couldn’t provide for her, I would hope that somebody else would kind of step up and help her out.” said Dall-Leighton, who is the father of 3 children, twins, 10 months old Mason and Christopher, and 5 years old Hayden.

The kidney transplant surgery is scheduled tentatively on May 19, pending the results of a last test next week.

Ashley Dall-Leighton said she and her husband are astounded by the substantial donations. They’re also exhilarated that the necessity for kidney donors is in the limelight.

She said, “I think this gives a lot of hope to others who need a transplant.”

According to the National Kidney Foundation, an estimated 100,000 people in the U.S. are on the waiting list for a transplant. Only a handful of the 17,000 people on the waiting list, receive one each year with about one-third coming from living donors.



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