World Autism Awareness Day: Early detection of autism may help child overcome the condition and live a normal life, Study

Landmarks in the city were lit up in blue on Thursday evening to mark the global efforts that may generate realization on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Mysuru City Corporation office and Railway buildings were among the places with the blue lights, as campaigners designated on working with the widespread development disorder encourage early detection so that it can immediately be treated.

Parents are made aware on the symptoms of autism which is observed in their behavior that usually starts to get noticeable within the first three years. Finding out earlier may be helpful in ruling out the disorder after seeking the advice of an expert.

On Thursday, the founder and director of We Can Hema Malani Jairam (We Challenge Autism Now), an organization based on Chennai, had given her statement to people of Sankalp Central Park apartments in Yadavagari to encourage them on autism. She had explained to The Hindu that an early detection will greatly help the child succeed in dealing with the problem. Autism may be considered a disability that stays for life, Ms Jairam would describe it as spectrum disorder, in which the level of abnormality varies from a person to another. Some may require greater help in directing their life while some will need the least. It is also important to pay attention on their talents and skills.

According to the World Health Organization autism may affect one in every 500 persons while US say that one out of 88 persons suffer from the disorder. “Though autism was not included among the disabilities during the recent Census, India may be having around 2 million persons with autism”, Ms Jairam said.

The United Nations General Assembly celebrated the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), Autism Speaks, on April 2. U.S. Participated in the movement ‘Light It Up Blue for Autism’ that had greatly contributed to the awareness of autism across the globe as well as Mysuru.



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