In Depth Marijuana Education for Teenagers is a Must: Should it be required as Part of School Curriculum

The safety, legality and accessibility of marijuana continue to be discussed heatedly while its legalization movement seem to become more popular. In a New York Times report on April 1, it said that since it had created a huge mess, Colorado is obligated to refund marijuana taxes to its growers, users and the public which could further complicate the issue.

The legalization of marijuana had been permitted by 23 states, none of the state allow it to be used for pleasure by those under 18 years of age. Yet when it comes to other forms of drug that are illegal for minors , age does not hinder one from getting involved in certain activities Forbidding it to minors resulted to a countless number of teens being brought to custody or even locked up in jail which does not actually help the community and stop the crimes.

The American Academy of Pediatrics had given their statement that says they have accepted the legalization of the drug and its possession yet they do not endorse its legalization. Doctors and professionals avoid taking sides on the debate. The conflicting statements remain unsettled.

The lack of further research on the drug doubts anyone on whether the drug is completely safe. There is an insufficient number of facts that explains its negative effects on health, yet a study has revealed that the use of the drug may actually slow down the development of an adolescent’s brain.

It has made it hard to exactly determine if marijuana should be legalized and what one should expect to deal with as a result of using the drug unauthorized.

There is a great concern on the legalization of the drug since it may only make it easier for teenagers to obtain it.  There are worries that the youth may also be vulnerable to the illegal drug at a very young age. Considering that the legalization of the drug had been over 23 states, it is impossible to ban marijuana in the country.

Officials and medical personnel should be making an effective way to educate the youth about the drug. The harm and the danger of marijuana abuse should be well emphasized through campaigns and other forms of spreading the message through media.







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