Mounting type 2 diabetes incidence attributed to increase TV viewing and growing computer habit


Every hour spent watching TV every day has a profound effect among overweight adults of developing Type 2 diabetes, says a U.S. study.

On a Wednesday’s issue of the journal Diabetologia, the study was based on data from 3,234 overweight American adults who partook in a random trial aimed at prevention or delay of Type 2 diabetes in those at high risk of the disease with medication or lifestyle changes.

Sedentary activity, which includes TV watching, use of a computer, or sitting during commutes and at work, may be considered a potential risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, regardless of physical activity.

The objectives were to achieve a 7 % weight loss and at least 150 minutes weekly moderate intensity activity, like brisk walking.

Before the induction of lifestyle changes, those in the drug, lifestyle and placebo groups all spent around 140 minutes a day in front of the set.

Encourage and discussed briefly, was watching less TV, while sitting less wasn’t a goal, in the lifestyle curriculum.

Dr. Bonny Rockette-Wagner from the University of Pittsburgh and her co-authors found that an average of three years of follow-up, TV time fell by 22 minutes in the lifestyle group, eight minutes in the placebo group and three minutes in the drug group,.

They concluded,  “Combining all participants together, there was a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes with increased television watching (3.4 per cent per hour spent watching television), after controlling for age, sex, treatment and leisure physical activity.”

“Additional emphasis on reducing sedentary behaviors in lifestyle intervention programs that already focus on increasing leisure physical activity levels is merited.”

Funded by the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, one of the authors who funded  the trial has a financial interest in a company that develops online behavior change programs.



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