Deceptive pet food labeling may put your pets in danger due to to chicken meat allergy

Dog and cat owners alike treat their pet as members of the family, that is why only the best will do for our beloved pets. Be it tasty beef or succulent chicken. But many a dog and cat foods aren’t what they seem at all.

Vets research has shown many popular brand tinned foods contain high measures of meat not on the label.

At Nottingham University, out of the 17 pet foods subjected to DNA testing, 14 contained meats that were mislabeled on the can.

A fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, researcher Kin-Chow Chang tested ten popular dog foods and seven types of cat food for DNA of cows, pigs, chickens and horses.  He said deceptive labelling could put dogs and cats in jeopardy of adverse allergic reactions.

None of the tins had horse-meat in them, but most contained beef, pork or chicken despite it being omitted on the label. Some of the ‘beef’ foods actually contained more pork or chicken.

For instance, 63 per cent of meat detected in Bakers As Good As It Looks Succulent Stew ‘with beef’ was chicken and 22 percent was pork. Only 15 percent was beef.

Pedigree dog food labelled as being ‘with beef’ had more chicken and pork than beef, in Felix Complete cat food 81 percent of the meat detected was chicken or pork, despite being the ‘beef’ variety. But not all brands were criticized, all of Encore’s chicken breast cat food products were confirmed as to the labeled meat.

Professor Chang said the research suggested a substantial mismatch in the labelling of the pet food industry and what the purchaser would rationally expect.

He added,  ‘In a human state, this would be entirely unacceptable. If I was to buy a tin of ham, I wouldn’t want to be eating rabbit as well.’

A beef is a beef.


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