Pregnant women don’t have to take iron supplements, research

A report by confirmed, that  in addition to the information above, a second review, which focuses more  on toddlers and infants was also released. The data in the second review confirmed that  no evidence has been shed that iron supplements have improved growth or development. The UPSTF review of the latest research on iron supplementation and screening for pregnant women, babies and young children said.The US Preventive Services Task Force (UPSTF) has released  2 new draft endorsements that demonstrate intake of iron supplements during pregnancy has no noteworthy health conclusions for both the mom and her unborn child.

Throughout their investigation, the organization determined that not enough evidence is revealed to recommend that expectant women, infants or children receive iron supplements or subjected to screening for iron deficiencies. However, it is also imperative to note that although, there is also not enough evidence to suggest against this practice, this shows that, while taking an iron supplement may have no contrary health effects, there may be no cause to take the supplements either.

These recommendations come from an untouched appraisal in 2006, but this study finds no evidence to support routine screening. Generally, a healthy pregnant woman who does not exhibit symptoms of low iron, does not require more than the 27 milligrams or iron daily. Researchers analyzed evidence from 11 trials on pregnant women who were taking iron supplements routinely. This showed that the iron had no effect on the women’s C-sections rates,  quality of life , preterm birth or infant death  and underweight newborns. However, because of the positive benefits of iron in the human body, there are some who are a little unconvinced of this research. Furthermore, while this data is pretty much clear cut, it is significant to notice that no tests were done on the importance of screening for iron deficiency.



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