The killer of two British medical students admitted:   He just wanted to “test his strength” against foreigners who seemed bigger than him.

The fish vendor who killed the two young British medical students employed in a Malaysian hospital is facing execution.

Aidan Brunger is from Kent and Neil Dalton from Ambergate in Derbyshire, both students studied at the Newcastle University. Without a motive, the two were murdered August last year on the island of Borneo.

Zullkipli Abdullah who is 23 was heard by the country’s high court admitting that before taking their lives by stabbing them , he actually stated that he wanted to “test his strength”  against foreigners who seemed bigger than him .

It was also said by the prosecutor that he smelled the blood that covered his hands stating that it smelled nice.

He denied stabbing them but then the prosecutor assumed that it was just an afterthought when he realized that the attack that he made was baseless since it all happened in the early hours just outside a cafe.

After the court’s decision, the parents made their statement to pay tribute to their sons and expressed their anguish to their deaths.

“Since Aidan and Neil were killed on 6 August 2014, our lives have been shattered.

“They were two exceptional young men with such promise – kind, funny and full of life. Their deaths have left their families and many good friends utterly devastated.

“Our sons would soon have qualified as doctors. Their unprovoked and senseless murders as they were walking home after a night out with other medical students mean that Aidan and Neil will never have the chance to spend their lives caring for and helping others.

Kieran Mitchell the families’ British lawyer have also said, “This was a savage and unprovoked attack which lead to the death of two young men who had travelled to Borneo with the sole aim of using their medical skills to help people.

“Since that day the families have put their faith in the Borneo justice system, which is very different to our own, adding further strain and difficulty during this devastating ordeal.

“After a long and complicated trial they are relieved that justice has been done.”


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