100 years not enough for Earth’s marine life to recover, 1000 years is a more accurate projection

Researchers at UC Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory and Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute have identified the culprit of the severe damage wrought to our planet Earth and its marine life is invariably due to  climate change.  The influence of human factors on Earth and climate change were at the epicenter of a study which exposed just how long and profound those impacts could be felt in years to come.

Researchers concluded that the damage  being done today will take thousands of years to mend and  those who are alive today  will be able to witness a recovery plan that is adequate enough to fix the damage that has been done.

Sarah Moffitt of UC Davis, reiterated the team’s findings by pointing out that the previous 100-year scale that was thought to be a good reference to how climate change has influenced the various ecosystems worldwide, is not as effective as the 1,000-year scale that she believes is a more accurate projection.

She said, “The past years’ events prove to us how delicate the balance of ecosystems are to variations in Earth’s climate, it commits us to thousands of years of recovery. It shows us what we’re doing now is a long-term shift, there is not a recovery, we can look forward to in my lifetime or my grandchildren’s lifetime.”

Moffitt is not alone in that presumption, however, since a number of scientists around the world have collectively arrived at the same conclusion,  that this is a matter of global priority. She calls the damaged being done as, “a tenacious reality that we need to face as a people and scientists.”

The adaptation  and implementation of ill-considered plans to stop or slow down climate change is just not enough. At this point in time, if we want to avoid damage that is not ominously worse than what future generations can be facing, then we need to work around better implementations to battle climate change.




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