Charlotte McKinney points her Dyslexia as the reason why she got booted out of DWTS

As the second dancer to leave Dancing with the Stars on Monday, Charlotte McKinney wasn’t at all surprised by the verdict and hinted that her skirmishes with dyslexia may be the source of her poor performance.

McKinney can be seen struggling to learn the dance steps from her partner Keo Motsepe in the rehearsal footage from Monday’s episode, “This thing with the left instead of right really confuses me,” she comments.

The Carl’s Jr model explains, “with my dyslexia, I am more a visual learner so someone has to really show me. And it would take a lot of extra time and this week I don’t really have that.”

Dyslexia is a learning disorder resulting to difficulties in reading, memorization and time management.

McKinney was also caught on film, visibly exasperating Motsepe, due to her spending more time on her phone texting instead of working.

After she was kicked from the dance floor, PEOPLE questioned the 21-year-old model to explain what she meant about her learning disability and its effect on her dancing.

“It comes to play by focusing. I think my dyslexia makes me just kind of not wanting to look at the situation.  It’s hard. Dancing is about numbers, and left to right and stuff like that. I think I showed that I did accomplish stuff with it, but it’s still there and it’s tough. A number of people don’t really get it.”
Bruno Tonioli criticized her rumba by saying, “You are not going to win any Nobel Prize for quantum physics.”
But McKinney has  choice words of her own for the judge,
“It was really uncalled for and really hurtful. I know it’s judging and it’s TV and you need that, but it was uncalled for.”


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