Superbug Outbreaks Poses as Great Threat to Society

 Dust particles are being carried around by the wind – you may not know when superbugs will attack.

 A new study suggests that antibiotic –resistant bacteria coming from cattle yards are airborne and can be transmitted to humans through dust elements. These harmful microbes do not react to drugs instead; they transfer antibiotic resistance to other microorganisms. The widespread transfer of antibiotic resistance could possibly travel from Texas farms to populated places.

“We don’t know where it is blowing,” said co-author Phil Smith, a professor of environmental toxicology at Texas Tech University. He added, “We can’t control the wind.”

Parched and dusty ranges of Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and eastern Colorado contain many cattle yards.

Antibiotics are used by landowners and farmers to cure sick animals to make livestock cultivate faster. These drugs will definitely attack most of the bacteria that it intends to kill. However, some microbes that weren’t affected would survive and they would become plenty in number. These antibiotic –resistant bacteria result in cow manure and become dry and fragile. When the wind comes in, germs will get carried away in a pile of dirt.

Dust downwind from 10 commercial cattle yards in the Lone Star State were collected by the Texas Tech team. Based on the researchers observation, testers were found overloaded with antibiotic-resistant DNA sequences. Smith expounded that dust is a practicable device for transport. Fatal superbug occurrences, including the outbreak at UCLA earlier this year are frequently connected to polluted medical rooms. Indirect of direct contact can also cause the drug-resistant bacteria to travel from person to person. In the US, antibiotic resistance is an emerging concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 23,000 die each year due to superbacteria.

The White House is currently coming up with a plan to combat dangerous superbugs. Farmers were also called to limit the use of antibiotics on animals being nourished for food.


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